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Why I want to live healthy, for real. December 2, 2011

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Put simply, my boys are the reason I want to live healthy, for real.

That’s my mini man, trying to share his green beans with me!

The simple truth is that we have control over our bodies. We have control over what we put into them. And what you put into them is directly correlated to what you get out. There was a time when I was living off of fast food every day, making terrible decisions about my health, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and I felt terrible all the time. I was always sick, and I had very low drive to do anything. I wasn’t putting “feel good” fuel into my body. I never, ever want to be in that place ever again!

Now, I try to eat healthy, when boyfriend isn’t shoving cookies and snacks into our shopping cart. I am guilty of reaching for a gallon of sweet tea once in a while, because I’m from the south and it runs in my blood!

So why “for real”? Healthy living just doesn’t come from what you eat. Healthy living, for real, is about creating a positive universe around you and your family, and living life to the fullest extent possible. My goal for this blog is to write about God, love, family, cooking, home-making, travel, weight-loss, organization, and all things that make life simple, and fun-for real.




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